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Thunder is a new franchise, I screamed it when I wasn't in high school and I made a medium-sized comic by myself for the first time, in 1995, and developed by myself until today, based on Japanese techniques and it's a tribute to Japan and the United States of America also that they made my childhood with heroes and characters that are important to me!
If Thunder called Kaboom and turned, and generated the game and much more, he is my main science fiction stories, soon more information here on the site because I have a national library in Rio de Janeiro!
Beware, there's a spoiler here, don't see it if you don't want to end your book experience!

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click on the image below to see the book

This is my main character, codenamed Thunder! which is a kind of batman of light and darkness using nanotechnology, and its power is in your nano suits and Thunder has another power that I don’t want to reveal yet but it’s more like the Iron man or Batman , solid Snake, etc... That was elaborated since 1995 and I have been working on it for many years alone and today it is in the work Storme... And made in 3Dblender, if you like please give your comments below or in Szpace forum , they are very important to me!
The Thunder tempestade11.jpg

O Trovão


click on the logo to download the newest wallpapers and of your choice in NFTs being able to make t-shirts among other things with the images  !!!

The book is short story style and this is a tasting of what's in it...



The Thunder: storm



//<*Footnote > beta 3.7*>



Prologue: Going down the rabbit hole...



The future is an unknown for many, but for God it is as simple as a computer; reads an algorithm and runs it just like an AI does. God also does with the future...

Few know about AIs. Today they are fantastic!

We've seen several of them in the history of mankind, but none are as crucial and incredible as the AI ​​of David's world kingdom, Hartman's call.... it is in everything, it helps everyone and, everything is, and until she opens your door for example, or she assists in reading the fingerprints of your fingers, hands and feet. called the woman of God - the Almighty... Well, however she manages the world's data tree, social networks, etc... she is IDA, aka Aida and because of her it makes it possible, with a encrypted key, a simple and lightweight object that the government provides to people, so that they have all the documents of their lives in hand or hanging or kept, wherever they want and that can be used in any peripheral in a usb or emission of data, which makes it possible to be your master key to everything in this kingdom - the kingdom of David…

The water drops are beautiful in the mornings when the moist plants, after the rain, are full of dew in the paradise park. Even better seeing the children walking and playing in the park, the parents having fun too and telling each other stories: what a blessing it was to live in the kingdom! So, that Saturday morning, the sky was open, blue and beautiful, but all this in a place of peace and security.

Well the “drift” a woman with short red hair, almost light brown, with a Channel cut, was sitting at a table far away and, meanwhile, her eyes watched everything, things happening in the distance, but that, with her lens of contact, no one noticed that the apple of her eye was silver, giving her cornea a silvery appearance. In fact, her eyes are brown and she wore a technological contact lens, which could show microscopic things and even track other sinister things, such as: showing the trail of the wind and helping to take a clear shot at the enemy, even with a lot of distance kilometers and very windy, to be exact… yes, a killer eagle looking for its prey… it has a laptop on the table with the kingdom system an altered WhiteHorse with super root and blocked by being tracked, besides that the system was invisible in all to networks, and IDA did not let other devices see it on the network, and encrypted passwords, and everything else it sees, IDA also sees, is the fact that artificial intelligence interacts with it, and sees everything, the fact that it also the two of them are communicating goes unnoticed by all of them they are almost like one person, how does that happen? well by quantum science with neuroscience and a lot of robotics involved in it, and without an implant in the woman's body, and this is something alien to laymen and even to people who know a lot... technology of Szpace corporation Hartman's father the stone that architected all this , well suddenly her clothes turn silver and sculpted like what she really is and the little children recognize her and scream Mr Eagle, hence a crowd of people for everything that is happening, because it could be something serious but however Eagle disarms her pose and cheers up the children who once saw her on TV  suddenly in the midst of all this joy IDA signals a call from Thunder and Eagle is paying attention to the children and mentally talking to Thunder while acting and talking normally with the people they are the search for an outlaw terrorist with conversations like you've seen him, or haven't seen him yet and the conversation goes back and forth and the little kids are all happy with Miss Eagle's presence, for this is a hero in the famous for all the earth, but the parents are tense because this figure only hunts dangerous heads, and they know that with that in view she makes a signal to the security ones, and they give signals to the parents of the children, and suddenly a strange movement a high degree panic sign in a distant location there is a man in a hat and large sunglasses  no children the IDA recognized the crook he was sitting watching the children said Thunder and he has no one with him it could only be the child kidnapper and a of the wanted, then in the meantime they have already taken the children away from the Eagle the man tries to disguise it goes out with everyone he mixes in the crowd and trying to leave with the crowd also Eagle says in telepathic communication through the IDA  “Thunder target heading towards you but there's a crowd together I marked him for you on the map, I'm watching the target here”, then Thunder disguises himself as a normal guard his clothes change shape and mimics the clothes of the guards passes the guards with the disguise of his super suit made of pure robotics technology then he enters the crowd people are nervous to see one of the guards among them so he takes a similar face that matches his in the IDA database hides for a little while seconds for the clothes to mimic an ordinary person, he has a few seconds for the bionic clothes to mimic the person without changing his human physical structure this in chaos without anyone noticing, and when he sees that no one notices he spots the target he soon infiltrates people delicately the miscreant had passed was standing out had left the crowd believer that he had tricked security in the meantime is that Thunder is getting close enough behind his back runs catch the miscreant in the rear naked choke so the crowd runs out of control and in despair the terrorist thinking that the Thunder is a normal undercover agent pulls an undetectable firearm then Thunder closes his guard by crossing his legs on the robber's waist and this t he tries to shoot Thunder in the thigh but the clothes hold the bullet and he immobilizes him with force in the legs at the waist and pressing his feet against the groin and starts to press the rear naked choke on the subject the man is stunned and goes out with the lack of blood in the brain, then Eagle complains saying - what the hell was that Thomas, what the hell should you have stunned him earlier with electricity, Thomas how can they call you thunder if you make a faux pas like that. Then he answers -Ana if I did that he would definitely shoot the first one who was and not me or he would kill himself… mission accomplished Mr Eagle, criminal neutralized and alive. Then you get to know the legend that defends the whole kingdom, the maximum security chief almost the main person responsible for the safety of the king, practically the expert in skills and tactics the Thunder strong guy and with this outfit that makes him powerful like no one on earth still…
continues in full book...

Thomas - Thunder

Thunder 02.png
Thunder 01.png
Thunder 00.png

 Angelina Saiori Katsumi ou Angel

angelina 00
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-30-36

 Ana ou eagle

Eagle 00
Eagle 02
Eagle 01
Screenshot from 2022-04-23 19-06-54
Screenshot from 2022-04-23 18-29-17
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-32-41

 shadow soldier

soldier evel 00
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-35-21
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-34-39
Captura de tela de 2021-06-17 17-09-40


kaneda Yokio - Kronos

Kaneda 00
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-29-45
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-34-39

 David, king HartMan the lighting

David 00
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-33-06

Wip Cycles

cycles finished model 3d face hair
Screenshot from 2022-04-13 09-08-46
Screenshot from 2022-04-13 09-08-07
Screenshot from 2022-04-13 09-08-25
Screenshot from 2022-04-11 09-12-13
Screenshot from 2022-04-11 09-15-16
EverAgate 02
EverAgate 03
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-36-13


star ship

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 22-33-54
Screenshot from 2020-11-30 00-23-06



magnet runner

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 23-16-30


IceMan 00
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-13-01

General Osborne VirusMan

Screenshot from 2022-04-25 16-01-04
Screenshot from 2020-11-30 23-40-14
Screenshot from 2020-11-30 23-36-36
power less2
2020-05-30 (3)
2020-05-30 (2)
2020-05-30 (1)


biosMan 01
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 10-50-01
BiosMan retrato falado
Captura de tela de 2021-06-18 23-17-01


Screenshot from 2022-04-25 12-13-05

Hectus Armandes RadioMan

EverAgate 00
EverAgate 01
Screenshot from 2022-04-25 10-51-33

Scenery style futuristic scenarios are more pro-paradisiacal since the land was being reigned by a king who was trapped by the environment and health of his subjects



The Thunder cape show
trovão 1 _00
trovão 1 _02
trovão 1 _03
trovão 1 _04
trovão 1 _05

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if was there good modeling, and you like the Thunder, please give me your feedback it is very important for me to get excited and continue the project! It's for the game and animation, yes is low poly !!

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