Thunder is a new franchise, I originated created it when I'm in a high school and first made a comic alone, in 1995 and I still alone developed it until today!
If called Kaboom and became Thunder, and generated the game The Thunder and more, he is my principal science-fiction stories, I will post more information here soon since, I have the patent in the national library of Rio de Janeiro!
Be careful here have a spoiler don't see if you don not want to broke your sperience on the book!


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This is my main character, codenamed Thunder! which is a kind of batman of light and darkness using nanotechnology, and its power is in your nano suits and Thunder has another power that I don’t want to reveal yet but it’s more like the Iron man or Batman , solid Snake, etc... That was elaborated since 1995 and I have been working on it for many years alone and today it is in the work Storme... And made in 3Dblender, if you like please give your comments below or in Szpace forum , they are very important to me!

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The book is a short story


The Thunder: storm



Part 1 Going deep down the rabbit hole:


Few know about AIs nowadays, they are fantastic, we have seen several of them in the history of humanity but none is as crucial and amazing as the AI of David's world kingdom, Hartman's call she is in everything, she helps everyone, and everything is, until she opens your door for example or, she assists in reading the fingerprints of your fingers and toes, she is also in people's clothes in some cases so not all, on their devices, on all systems, that's why she is called the almighty woman of God… Well anyway because she manages the data tree of the whole world, social networks, etc… she is the IDA aka Aida and because of her it makes it possible for an encrypted key, a simple and lightweight object that the government provides for people, so that they have all the documents of their lives in hand or hanging or kept wherever they want, and this can be used in every peripheral with a usb and makes it possible to be your master key to all of this reign the kingdom of D avid…

The drops of water are beautiful in the mornings when the plants moistened after the rain filled with dew through the paradisiacal park and even better seeing the children walking, and playing in the park and the parents having fun also with each other telling stories is a blessing, it was so that saturday morning, the sky was open blue and beautiful but with all this in a place of peace and security, but adrift is a woman with short red hair almost light brown a chanel cut, she was sitting at a table and while her eyes observe everything, she keeps watching things happening from a distance with her contact lens no one notices that the girls of her eyes are silver, and it gives her an appearance of having the girl with silver eyes but it is not because they are brown in the true being a technological contact lens, these lenses can show microscopic things and even track things among other sinister things like showing the wind trail and help to give a clear shot at the enemy and that miles away miles to be exact… yes, a killer eagle looking for its prey… it has a laptop on the table with the kingdom system an altered WhiteHorse with super root and locked out of being tracked out that the system was invisible on all networks the IDA did not let the other devices see her on the network and the encrypted passwords and everything else she sees the IDA also sees it, it is the fact that the artificial intelligence interacts with her, and sees everything and the fact that the two of them are communicating goes unnoticed by they are all almost like one person, how does this happen? well by quantum science with neuroscience and a lot of robotics involved in it and without an implant in the woman's body and this is something alien to laypeople and even to people who know a lot... technology from Szpace corporation Hartman's father the stone that architected all this, well suddenly her clothes turn silver and sculpted like what she really is and the little kids recognize her and screams Mr Eagle, then a crowd of people for everything that is happening, because it could be something serious but however Eagle disarms her pose and cheers up the children who once saw her on TV suddenly in the midst of all this joy IDA signals a call from Thunder and Eagle is paying attention to the children and mentally talking to Thunder while acting and talking normally with the people they are looking for of an outlaw terrorist with conversations like you've seen him, or haven't seen him yet and the conversation goes back and forth and the little kids are all happy with Miss Eagle's presence, for this is a fab heroine. mosa for all the land, but the parents are tense because this figure only hunts dangerous heads and they know that with that in view she makes a signal to the security guards, and they give signals to the children's parents, and suddenly a strange movement a signal of high degree panic in a distant location has a man in a hat and big sunglasses with no children IDA recognized the miscreant he was sitting watching the children said Thunder and he has no one with him could only be the child kidnapper and one of the wanted , then in the meantime they have already taken the children away from the Eagle the man tries to disguise it leaves with everyone mixes in the crowd and trying to leave with the crowd also Eagle says in telepathic communication through IDA Thunder target heading towards you but there is a crowd together I marked him for you on the map, I have my eye on the target here, so Thunder disguises himself as a normal guard his clothes change shape and mimic the guards' clothes he passes the guards with the disguise of his super clothing made of pure robotics technology then enters the crowd people are nervous to see one of the guards among them so he takes a similar face that matches his in the IDA database hides for a little matter of seconds for the outfit mimic someone ordinary, he has a few seconds the bionic clothing mimics the person without changing their human physical structure this in chaos without anyone noticing, and seeing that no one notices he spots the target soon infiltrates people delicately the miscreant had passed was if highlighting had come out of the believing crowd that he had deceived security in the meantime is that Thunder is getting close enough behind his back runs catch the miscreant in the rear naked choke so the crowd runs out of control and in despair the terrorist thinking that Thunder is an agent normal undercover pulls an undetectable firearm then Thunder closes his guard by crossing his legs on the robber's waist and he tries to shoot him in the thigh of the Thunder but the clothes hold the bullet and it immobilizes him with force in the legs at the waist and pressing with his feet against the groin and starts to press the rear naked choke on the subject the man is stunned and goes out with the lack of blood in the brain, soon in then Eagle complains saying - what the hell was that Thomas, what the hell should you have stunned him earlier with electricity, Thomas how can they call you thunder if you make a faux pas like that. Then he answers -Ana if I did that he would definitely shoot the first one who was and not me or he would kill himself… mission accomplished Mr. Eagle, criminal neutralized and alive. Then you get to know the legend that defends the whole kingdom, the maximum-security chief almost the main person responsible for the safety of the king, practically the expert in skills and tactics the Thunder guy, strong and with this outfit that makes him powerful like no one on earth still…

It was Sunday there were white clouds in the sky the seagulls were flying the sun is beautiful and everyone was happy in a new genesis that was over the sea and in the world too because another terrible case had been solved something that was only seen in cinemas because things like that there was and was happening, and in the counterpoint it is once again, because of this process our heroes were summoned to go to the King's home in new genesis and went by microship together with others who were going to new genesis, when they arrived and the place it was what you expect from a humanized flying saucer all organic it didn't have sharp edges it was peaceful the structures alien thing you know, and Eagle didn't get tired of analyzing the structures and their molds and fittings all made like the houses in the earth underground and made counterpoints and Thunder laughed at her analyzes because they were very incisive and peculiar worthy of a specialist in analysis and what he laughed the most was how she mocked comparing everything to an alien spaceship of the posits ive of course, because there were plants everywhere because everything was planned it was huge equivalent to more than 5 football stadiums it had 12 doors and a dome the king's house and the corridors had graphene, with structures of the same material as a formula 1 more acrylic details with nano leds for everything that was planned and this made colors lights and images sounds, with announcements and even showed if someone important with a call had an appointment as reminders which was the case with the two heroes they were told they had from going to the north wing the so-called war wing, but other than that the IDA was either calling people for an invitation of other things like that or for meetings people were all entertained all the time there was even one people getting a call from their boss because it was a woman was late, and then the floor indicated that the people of the place should go and, on the walls where they were transparent acrylic with nano leds, there were also indications and things could be consulted, they were everything touch had this on the tables in the terminals, and in the terminals it had its glamor people would date, or debate and have coffee or tea nearby and they would go from having breakfast or dinner or even drinking beer, wine or a soda, each with their own time right, the time of the kingdom, work is interspersed and people divide tasks and interleave their schedules, except for the military and they wanted to be at the terminals because it is in these terminals where you have the best connection of new genesis with the whole world through the network of the tree the stonetree social network that every citizen of the kingdom has his identity and the government helps you to have a job among thousands of things by IQ tests and other skills generated by people, and it was also all powered by cryptocurrency the famous ETH the currency of the kingdom and everything accessible and easy to have access to the key that everyone carried in their chest in general with a necklace and there it was the true center of the world because ETH for being an easy currency to mine made David call it ado hartman chose it because it was easy for the central bank to generate money to circulate to the people, this city is the one that can be anywhere in the world because the mother city of the earth the house of IDA the so-called woman of God the almighty where is the king and his 12 advisers and his 12 wives they this city flies in the skies pressurized yes the so-called floating city or city in the sky, then in the meantime our heroes saw that a drone arrived with a screen and behold, there was Hartman, he reported that he was very happy with the performance of the heroes and in fact they had performed a great feat, then he switched to the score screen and they were scored with a fat fraction of ETH in the account this was really worth a lot, the equivalent of 10 thousand dollars for each one for the arrest in life of the terrorist and for the team and another 10 thousand divided between them yes for the other police officers and officers each with their score because they were involved in the capture of a dangerous miscreant each with their score tion outside of what they received from their normal salary then Thomas was happy with the result and Ana was a little static for a moment and thinking, jeez this time it was strong suddenly she gave a steric cry of joy that everyone around was amazed who is it this crazy woman who screamed here in the terminal there when they saw that it was Miss Eagle they blushed and kept silent pretending nothing had happened, and Thomas with a disapproving face looked at her and after that everything laughed like a hyena, then the drone left and on the floor he indicated the way they should go and they followed the led beacon on the floor and on the walls to the place in nova genesis right when arriving at the north wing of the city they were allowed to enter and the others should go to other rooms to be decorated , then the others headed and they entered the area called the maximum security center, the place where the team of the kingdom's military heads and cutting-edge scientific ones who monitor all the projects of the earth and emi there are reports for the senate and for the chancellors and for the king then they separated the two saying Miss Eagle please come to the weapons wing I'm afraid your new sniper project is ready Mr Thunder we need to do diagnostics on your clothes so go to the area of nanotechnologies to replace her nanos and her clothes, and make the necessary diagnoses on her and on how she is behaving with you please to your right both say yes ma'am and thank you.

First of all, time always explains what the subject is looking for or has gone through but when these two entered the mission room they saw the bottom of the well and this well was very bitter and too deep, our heroes receiving tense designations because the case of the terrorist led to the opening of other cases because the removal of information by neuro reading with the IDA made the kingdom realize the shadow that was present and about to make attacks to possess our old warlike creations like nuclear warheads and was to use them against us , that were the biggest problem now, we had a lot of nuclear warheads and firearms were becoming a world problem as there was no need for wars and wars between nations disappeared and only groups of opponents remained and even though they were obsolete , then at that moment he gave the news to the civilians who were building centers of electromagnetic bombs with explosions of gigantic magnitudes to reach the 4 corners of the earth one in c Every corner to avoid nuclear attacks and if there are situations of cyber risk among other novelties of the kingdom, and apart from that the mission explanation started tense even with all this but it was going to get worse… the elite group of the army was tense because the case could cause multiple causalities on earth if it went wrong or worse we failed, as it could even happen to mass destruction as the case also involved the old nuclear warheads as it had been said and what to do with them, as the IDA read the subject's mind and said that they have a chance of stealing or exploding or dropping nuclear bombs and how did insurgents get into maximum security bases? Well, they already were. Enemies with internal origin were deserters the number of infiltrators in the bases could compromise everything and it was not a few in some disastrous way these people are as they are, but they don't seem to be healthy, and the neural reading still needed to be located and physical or with the elite clothes like those of Thomas and Ana, the worst enemy is the one who stays by your side as an ally and when things go wrong, boom, he kills you… the reports taken from the wanted person's head said that he had contact with the leader but nobody knows who the leader is and right by his codename EverAnGate so they called him but nobody knows where or when who he really is and neither IDA knew of the existence of these conversations, nor of EverAnGate who was like him is called he had a connection of his own that consists of something like dipt web or dark web but it is known how he had control over everything and somehow not even IDA found them because they are connections on home computers where a type of Linux was running and specific with protocols and the like and everything in their own VPN undetectable because they used a form of connection not yet explained from pier to pier but their criminal acts accompanied them as kidnapping for various purposes even for rapes and even children for such purposes.

Thomas and Ana were given the mission to first inspect the remotest parts of the north ancient Russia and china and it was winter the air was so dry and cold that no snow fell it was a beautiful blue day in the sky but a freezing cold and they arrived by spaceship she landed at EnergiOne a cooperative of energy studies the complex was huge and all intraterrestrial and on top of local leisure buildings there was a steam smoke coming out of ducts and it was very beautiful to see the dry trees with little white lights as it was very cold in that place in the case of buildings having great forms of heating and being mostly intraterrestrial was good because it helped the temperature to get hotter they had people accompanied by drones and once again ana Eagle was inspecting the buildings as someone who doesn't want anything is suddenly approached by a soldier and he says -Hello young apprentices I came here to help you in the mission. and takes off the soldier's helmet it was master Kaneda Yokio's called the martial arts master he was the informant so they talked and Kaneda said in that conversation that they were corrupting soldiers en masse with something strange maybe they were being manipulated by some technology and the three the IDA came to the conclusion that it could be some form of brain control by technology and neurolinguistics but they didn't know how, since this type of technology was being used by the secret service, is that technology leaked how this would have happened and how to avoid how to know how it happened could happen well the answers are in the dark for now indeed this is an unknown but the IDA was reading the whole planet and could not find this connection or trace of it but found more clues for the detective and protector of king Thunder and for the tactics analyst and sniper Eagle and along with these his master Kaneda the so-called Yokio…


Do you want this work to come to an end? you can help me to continue, giving a donation because if I gather 1 dollar from each of you I can produce all my work and give you new heroes to be inspired and have fun if you want to make a game or series or whatever want with The Thunder and his friends and enemies it's simple to give me at least 20% of your profit with my product come to talk to me I'm the creator of the franchise and I want to be your helper I'm open to business, because if I serve you, and you serve me, let's build a real paradise! Peace to all and call me, I love working and I won't accept that I don't participate because I'm the creator by chance it would be fair that Stan Lee doesn't appear in his heroes' films or focus away from his creation as was done with the creator of Metal gear solid the master Hideo Kojima? let me the honor and honor the master by being like the master! and I am of peace and I think of security I am a creator out of love! send me a whatsapp with your proposal or an email ok!?

Thomas - Thunder

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 Angelina Saiori Katsumi ou Angel

angelina 00
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 Ana ou eagle

Eagle 00
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Eagle 01
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 shadow soldier

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kaneda Yokio - Kronos

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 David, king HartMan the lighting

David 00
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Wip Cycles

cycles finished model 3d face hair
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star ship

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magnet runner

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IceMan 00
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General Osborne VirusMan

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power less2
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biosMan 01
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BiosMan retrato falado
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Hectus Armandes RadioMan

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Scenery style futuristic scenarios are more pro-paradisiacal since the land was being reigned by a king who was trapped by the environment and health of his subjects



The Thunder cape show
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trovão 1 _02
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