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Thunder is a new franchise, I screamed it when I wasn't in high school and I made a medium-sized comic by myself for the first time, in 1995, and developed by myself until today, based on Japanese techniques and it's a tribute to Japan and the United States of America also that they made my childhood with heroes and characters that are important to me!
If Thunder called Kaboom and turned, and generated the game and much more, he is my main science fiction stories, soon more information here on the site because I have a national library in Rio de Janeiro!
Beware, there's a spoiler here, don't see it if you don't want to end your book experience!

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click on the image below to see the game

This is my main character, codenamed Thunder! which is a kind of batman of light and darkness using nanotechnology, and its power is in your nano suits and Thunder has another power that I don’t want to reveal yet but it’s more like the Iron man or Batman , solid Snake, etc... That was elaborated since 1995 and I have been working on it for many years alone and today it is in the work Storme... And made in 3Dblender, if you like please give your comments below or in Szpace forum , they are very important to me!
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O Trovão