7 setember 2020




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                     Remember this is a work of fiction, created with the intention of showing a future differently, note I'm not intending to build anything really, but it shows what can happen but it won't ...The thunder story takes place in the future 30 years ahead, after a 33 year old man convinced  the nation's to live in peace, this is a fictional reality but an alternative to ours, i szpace put my vision of a future where there are no more nations but a single organic government on earth where the fair outreigns and similar to today when that occurred the nations had many war weapons and these were forbidden to civilians, and were lethal weapons of any kind were prohibited that security corporations emerged, where each created their own technologies. In this future, the moon has a field of mineral studies and stations are underway across the moon, also to a project to create life on Mars with new earth technologies andI must mention that there are evil men who are using technology for evil, those are apparently nomadic armies that under corporations and enslave people. They are called a shadow and are world terrorists, their origin is unknown and is made up of greedy people from all overtype.

First storm season: Thomas codenamed thunder is a detective who is part of a corporation of maximum security he for being a detective has advanced knowledge of many subjects and has many degrees in addition to being well prepared he is the king's security his power is in his clothes and their function will disarm old nuclear warheads, supervise new technologies finding traces of the shadows read it to arrest them in life, and to release hostages from terrorist hands ...


 Chapter 1

Location and ex brazil city Sao Paulo Thomas arrive by ship at the safe corporation and it is well-received it by a young scientist in a white coat scientist: hello sir thunder I see that is with your silver clothing I mean that I'm your fan and we wanted to give you good news....


Thomas: Hey what's your name !?


  Scientist: I'm Angelina ... Wow sir you is how they spoke abalt you, you are interested in the people!


  Thomas: first Angelina you know personally now call me by my name... I am Thomas nice to meet you over there girl! And hey! a Surprise...? I want to know everything abalt the healthy news!


  Angelina: a! Of course... come... the news it's down there in the lab! And thanks for calling me by name! The laboratory is underground since the king ordered that they no longer have tall buildings above a floor by the risk of children fall and people try to commit suicide... or hit the floor...

Thomas: Actually... the time of suicide has passed, and the fear of the people over the kingdom too, these people are loving the fact that the kingdom is treating everyone well, and there are some people who are still afraid of the king and still have these crazy people fron the shadow organization, our king is a wonderful guy, he's been good to everyone is possible...

Angelina: is the fact that the money and the world has in collapsed be cause of the crisis the king got a chance to bring the peace ... pity that there are people who didn't accepted...


Thomas: indeed... Angelina: we arrived...


Thomas: It is deep in the floor... very good! What do you have to show me?


Scene: circular laboratory with a tube in the middle that can enter two or 3 people inside with a transparent liquid in a green color, but... The door opened


Thomas: ummm...


Angelina: sir bovine comment Thomas?Both laugh


Angelina: the king now can be young again... and soon we will use that like new medicine...


Thomas: really?!... Really?!! love you! You did the OmegaProject!


Angelina: yes !!!! And there's more! Yoko comes here!


Thomas: Yokio ?! But he was in cryogenics!


Yokio: no more! And younger than you now!


Thomas: Yokio ... I say, master!!! I'm happy for seeing you talking again and walking tell me how was the final who was the darkness enemy????


 Yokio: now says no small project thunder we have to solve a much worse case because to create a vpn communication my and they're planning heavy stuff they want the nuclear warheads to dominate the world with fear and iron fist...


Angelina: if they find this here will give problems...


Thomas: I will have the "test tube" removed from here (studies of the "name given to this type of database") to the secret base in the amazon... and then we will take the king to the place...


Yokio: none of that boy! I do this and you... I take you to where is the old base that the shadows intend to attack, let me speak with the king because this mission is my, and the honor is my...


 Thomas: and how will you do it?


Angelina: when they heard that Yokio was alive they brought the prototype from the factory8 most advanced teleportation

he gathers from

quantum thousands of wormholes and

form a giant wormhole!


Thomas: master your project was



Yokio: I was finished, but no

had written...

Let's stop talking


So yokio took a cloth, glasses

overview (glasses that you can even see x-ray) and a

big hat and covered his face with the cloth

because it could jeopardize the mission if they knew

that he was out of cryogenics the Obscure

would know that the Omega project would be ready and

would try to steal it...


Yokio: ready I opened the portal had many
wormholes in the laboratory grown by
me thunder !! You get in that I go to the king and
we will send reinforcements on the spot if there are many
problems, your mission is to remove the uranium that
is under water removing the warhead at the base
from tired you should already be at the base have a
man who calls himself the ice man or IceMan he
seems to have the technology to freeze things and has
a lot of strength his clothes have super strength like
your and as I said freezes things be careful, do not use
direct attack I will come up with something for you with the team when possible!


Angelina: now comes the biggest surprise!

If you win the ice man collect the

his nanos to study they seem to be

well advanced


Thomas: ok I went we speak for

vpn communication via drones (drones that change

location and make internet connection to the kingdom)


Angelina: the surprise! please awaits!


Then she asks Thomas to open his hand and
how mercury comes out of a test tube and
disappear in Thomas’s clothing

Thomas: what is that?


Nano close: received nano manufactures

amount10000 nanos factories attack clothing?


Thomas: oops! Yes!


Closed the wormhole and Thomas
is in the ex united states now north america purinha,
Abandoned place with light vegetation and
flooded on purpose because the base had warheads
Nuclear dai Thunder threw the suit closed and plunged into the
that looked like a peaceful giant lake, ascended the
nano leds and triggered the sonar, then it got to where
is the base entrance that had been adapted for
be submerged in order to hide the warheads that
were from that area of ​​the united states to
arrive and pass through the pressurized area realized
that had entered people analyzed at least
and one of the footprints was on melting ice
the floodgate opened and he communicated saying
Thunder: are you seeing what I am


Yokio: yes they are already there ... beware no
forget the code of law they must be
arrested and properly interrogated! The good
news is healthy around 8 even ... I'll be
with you being your eyes all over the camera
clothes remember the reinforcements are coming,
but for the time being the king gave the mission given only to you to do that job ...


Thunder: creto... I'm detecting steps
hallway to the left


Yokio: I already saw two, I used nano
drones from your clothes...


Thunder: good to have you back master! I will
disable them fast


Yokio: they have old guns but
be careful turn on the magnetic shield!
Give thunder listen to them talking


Soldier 1: the ice said to wait here
because they invaded our connection...


Soldier 2: damn always
technologically ahead aaa... but the doctor
we kidnap is a specialist in creating
nanos say he created the clothing of such thunder!


Soldier1: ahahahahah now we have
how... arrug!


Thomas took soldier 1 by the neck and
he erased it with an electric pulse,
Then the second ran on his back nervous
tried to shoot but thunder with magnetism as it
approaching the weapon disarmed soldier 2 and the
dropped it on the floor with a broken technique
the communicator of soldier 2 and said


Thunder: where is the ice man? If
tell me i tell the council that helped me and
you will have a second chance at life after your arrest!


Soldier 2 said with fear: he is in
warhead trying to make a bomb...


Thunder: and what else... say everything
You know!


Soldier 2: I can't say if they
know that I'm telling you I'm going to die! They
enslaved us with a chip that if not
we do what they want they kill us
I have been standing for a long time they will kill me!


Thunder: where is the chip?

Soldier 2 dies from poison, thunder says

Thunder: curse they are enslaving
men now... this man was not a


yokio: thunder the other is alive from some
alive way! the chip must be in the orta ....
give thunder nothing thunder takes a punch and falls
far away!
get up fast watch and see nothing
uses heat vision nothing x-ray vision
also nothing takes another punch and starts
to be beaten with boxing technique
hence thunder uses an electromagnetic pulse and
a man in a suit appears out of nowhere
from nano dai the man says


man: I'm a chameleon or if you prefer InvisibalMan your opponent at that moment... right now the ice man
is preparing a nuclear bomb mine
that will blow up the city loved NovaGênesis my goal and beat you up
you fall and hold you as long as possible
possible and if possible to kill you of course Hahahahaha...
the world is ours now we can do it
clothes like yours we have your creator!
and soon you little thunder will be obsolete!!!!!
Thunder: no problem, I'm not going to win
you all already know a way to beat you!


Chameleon says: bloody detective! had to
be smart!?!
Dai Thunder runs very fast and knocks him down
on the ground, the chameleon disguises itself again and
gives a band in the thunder, and it turns and moves
gets up, but where the Camelão, chameleon
disguised then he uses sonar to listen
steps and launches camera drones in the
Chameleon direction, then Chameleon screams


Chameleon: Damn it! you damn
full of resources where so much comes from


thunder: will never know, knew that you stay
beautiful phosphorescent orange?!
then he runs and knocks the chameleon down
second time, but this time disables
nanos of the neck and his outfit that says:


IDA: Found technology want to compile?
smartly Thunder doesn't answer yet because
I didn't want them to know about the nano
then chameleon gets up rolling back and
it stands partially invisible only with the
exposed neck then he says:


Chameleon: I will not lose to you
I chose my clothes carefully I
I elaborated, you will have to become me
totally visible to win me!


Thunder: really how it was done
that?! hahahahaha
and used another electromagnetic pulse and the
opponent's outfit stopped working
in the chameleon despair grabbed a gun and
shot at Thunder and Thunder laughed used the
shield deflected the bullets that were going to
provide the directions, except for the body of
so spending the whole comb threw the gun
in it and disappeared again
thunder used sonar and tried to see the
cameras they were on the floor collected the


Yokio: forget that maniac the soldiers and
the ice man and are going out with the
warhead I will send the reinforcement act


Yokio: this is kronos... kronos for reinforcement, the
Thunder is busy come in and time for
plan B, has a man in nano clothing and
uses subzero cooling and one that the
thunder is in combat... use weapons of
electromagnetic pulse...


Yokio: Thunder reinforcement in progress...
Thunder: I think the chameleon is no longer
here he disappeared... I tried until I found him with a pulse
his heart but nothing but i have a good
their soldier is here and I live the
another we fear chance of knowing something about him


Yokio: I don't think the other lied they should
to have loyalty and put it voluntarily...


Thunder: Of course he didn't warn of the Chameleon and
just made me waste my time...
now I have to get out of here ....
Dai Trovão opens the gate and she is


Thunder: yokio we have a problem too
seriously, I'm stuck and the ice man
froze the transition room almost
I'm going to have to break it in a punch, and
this will take time!
The punch started to break the ice when
had an idea...


Thunder: Yokio where I find one
blowtorch around here?


kronos: stop calling me Yokio is
dangerous now I am the kronos


Thunder: certain kronos master where it is for
Please, the staff above are in many!!
Serious trouble!


Give a voice to infiltrate communication and
strange and modular voice: the time of the kingdom
came to an end! Now comes my dictatorship
and all of you who believe in that king will be
enslaved or will die in that exact
moment the Volcanic man, the Iceman, the Chameleon our general the VirósMan...
we are preparing a world without people
free to do anything let's dictate
new rules, and we will be the supreme caste
on earth and across the universe and you two and
your unarmed army will beat us???
uahauhhuuhuuhuhauhauhu I'm RadioMan! and the message was given...


Chapter 2 the voice of the evil one




To be continue...

this work is all written, and I am translating from Portuguese to English! if you want to read the full story will be on amazon som, share this story on your social media and talk about me I will be very happy to help me Jehovah my God bless you!