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Like mac OS...

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The key to test and install is>>> 777

OSzpace bild WhiteHorse

is a custom version of ubuntu Gnome,

also with the Kde plasma interface,

my intention was to show the beauty of linux and as a designer was to make the most beautiful possible,

I intend to make a future distribution with this face and develop a proper interface! I'm counting on you to support me in this battle, I'm presenting what I can do now, thank you all the help!

I have eaten with a ubuntu customization, and now I intend to make a proper distribution, these images show what I have done so far ... I am asking for your help to take this project forward.
Advantages a system maintained to the donations with two interfaces a kde plasma "microsoft Windows" style and another gnome "style mac os" you can already download and that aocusto that your heart wants to give ... I promise to you that they will not regret it and that I'm going to turn this linux distribution into something wonderful, if you help me of course but custon is already there it comes with kde plasma but you can terminate the assignment and log in the "gnome classic" and it will work perfectly mind the type "mac os" and to change it is just in go in user in the system settings menu and uncheck the option to start automatically and choose its interface when it is login!
Do not let this project die, help me, and you will not go wrong!
Pedro Szpace.

minimal settings

Processor 64bit  dual core (Intel or AMD) 2GHz or faster;

4 GB of RAM;

25 GB free disk space;

Monitor with resolution greater than or equal to 720p;

DVD drive or a USB port to the installation media.

4 gigabyte pendrive or 4.7 gigabyte DVD to record OSzpace_bild_



still in development so please help me with a donation

OSzapce bild WhiteHorse look samples


OSzapce bild Whitehorse downloading



Friday June 8, 2018 White Horse announced in development faze 1 do daowloadig the beta2, did's came out in 10/6/2018 thank's for all God bless you peaple!

Finish OSzpace bild WhiteHorce in 06/26/2018